Butler Dance Center classes are designed to teach students the latest and most up to date dance styles within a positive learning environment.  Not only will your child develop dance techniques and coordination, but our classes will help to foster self-confidence, discipline, poise, leadership and social awareness.  We want students to LOVE to dance and to do so in a non-threatening, non-competitive, and inclusive environment.

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

The Studio
Butler Dance Center Class Descriptions

  • Dancin' Dollies: 20 minutes of Jazzy Tap, 20 minutes of Ballet, 20 minutes of Gymnastics.  One Jazzy Tap Routine and one Ballet Routine for recital every other year.  In-house show in alternating years with leotard based costumes to save on expenses. 3 & 4 year olds.

  • Dancin' Darlins:  20 minutes of Jazzy Tap, 20 minutes of Ballet, 20 minutes of Gymnastics.  One Jazzy Tap Routine and one Ballet Routine for recital every other year.  In-house show in alternating years with leotard based costumes to save on expenses.  4 & 5 year olds. 


  • Mini Ballet/Lyrical:  Visual story telling combined with Ballet Movements.  Class consists of Ballet Barre and Center Floor Work. focus will be on overall body alignment, proper execution of turnout, foot placement and terminology.  Ages 6 and up.


  • Ballet/Lyrical:  Classes will consist of Ballet Barre and Center Floor Work. Lyrical is a dance style that combines elements of Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance techniques commonly set to popular music with vocals.  Dancers use the lyrics of the song to inspire movements and emotions.  Ages 12 and up.  


  • Tap:  Tap focuses on rhythms and intricate footwork to create a percussion instrument out of the feet.  Classes will focus on the development and mastery of tap techniques specifically, correct rhythms and sounds.  Ages 3 and up.


  • Jazz:  An exciting and ever evolving style of dance, influenced by the rhythm of jazz music, jazz dance is full of syncopation, energy, passion and life.  Classes explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, rib cage, feet and arms.  Conceived in America, jazz dance is derived from Ballet and Modern Dance and is influenced by the musical styles of each new decade. Ages 4 and up.


  • Hip Hop:  Hip Hop is a high energy class using the latest sounds in rap and pop music together with movements from the diverse range of hip hop styles.  No prior dance experience is required.  Ages 6 and up.


  • Musical Theater:  Focus is on interpretation of characters and emotions within a piece of music.  Classes will provide an opportunity to explore acting techniques, movements similar to Broadway style jazz and an introduction to singing.  Students will learn to move and sing along with songs from both current and classic musicals.  No prior dance experience is required.  Ages 6 and up.

DANCE ATTIRE: In order for students to learn properly, they must have proper attire and dance shoes.  Female dancers should wear leotards and tights, long or capri leggings, etc.  Dance shorts or ballet skirts are permitted over tights. Hair should be secured away from the face in a ponytail, braid, bun, etc.  Female ballet students must wear a leotard and tights with or without dance shorts or a skirt, so teachers can see proper leg, arm, and body placement. Male dancers should wear jogging pants, athletic shorts, etc.  Shirts can be t-shirts or tank tops, but should not be extremely oversized. Appropriate dance shoes must be worn for each class! No street shoes will be permitted in the dance rooms!!



Pam McNally is our new Artistic Director and Dance Master. Pam also is Butler Gymnastics Club’s Preschool Director and a competitive team gymnastics program coach.
Pam was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She began dancing at three years of age.  Pam attended Point Park University majoring in dance. She was the owner and Artistic Director of "The Dancin' Place" of Cranberry Township, Pa.
 The following are some of Pam’s accomplishments and her students’ credits :  

San Francisco Ballet Company
Alvin Ailey Dancers
Carnival Cruiselines
Director/Choreographer for Comtra Theatre
M.O.D.E.L. Players Vice President
Dance Educators of  America
Numerous Dance Competition Title Winners
USA Gymnastics Professional Member and Safety Certified
Floor Exercise and Balance Beam State Champions

Pam looks forward to creating a fun learning environment here at Butler Dance Center where every student dances with their heart and their feet follow!!!