Our coaching philosophy and programs are designed around the USA Gymnastics Age Group Program, which provides each student the opportunity to achieve success through safe and positive skill program instruction.

This philosophy allows for the refinement of current skills while creating an atmosphere that makes learning new skills fun and exciting.

Gymnastics taught me everything - life lessons, responsibility and discipline, and respect.
— Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medalist

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What We Offer

Butler Gymnastics Course Descriptions

Beginner Level

Students work on floor exercise, balance beam, uneven parallel bars, vaulting, and trampoline. All boys' classes work the boys' apparatuses as well. Basic skills such as forward and backward rolls & cartwheels are taught. This course is taught evening hours Monday through Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Low-Intermediate Level

Students train on every apparatus appropriate during competition. Students also learn skills such as one-arm cartwheels, back extensions, and drills to master walk-overs. This course is taught evening hours Monday through Thursday and Saturday morning.

High-Intermediate Level

Female students learn skills on the four main Olympic events. Male students learn skills on six main Olympic events. Additional skills taught at this level include front and back handsprings and aerials. These skills are much more advanced and build from previous skills learned during earlier courses.

Level 1

This course is designed for the more advanced pre-school child. Entrance to this class is by instructor recommendation only.

Level 2

Children are learning Level I skills from the USA Gymnastics Compulsory Program and are entered into this course by instructor recommendation only.


Team Competition

Male & Female students have the opportunity to compete in compulsory and optional leagues.
Females compete under the direction of the USA Gymnastics competition level 3 through level 10 including XCEL.
Males compete under the direction of the USA Gymnastics JUNIOR Olympic program.

Specialty Classes


Cheer Training

Extensive tumbling skills such as aerials, partner stunts, jumps, Russians and more are taught for those aspiring to become cheerleaders. We also work with cheerleading squads offering performance review and work to improve new and existing routines.

Tumbling Class & More!

Are you ready to tumble? Geared toward students who primarily want to learn basic tumbling skills, walkovers, back handsprings, front handsprings, & cheer skills.

Special Needs Courses

This class is offered to physically and emotionally challenged children. Beginning gymnastic skills are taught to develop self-esteem and confidence. This class is scheduled for one hour per week for six weekly sessions. Please call for day & times.

Private Lessons

Need help getting that Back handspring? Tryouts coming up?
by appointment.